Gig and Punt 'pirate' ditty 2017

We are pirates brave and bold

Some are young and some quite old

And now we’re going to sing our song

Then drink our beers and we’ll be gone


Back in 1817

We started our regatta thing

AJ, Clarrie, Stoyle and Tate

All are back to celebrate


Our legends crew has lots of Otts

Drinking rum both tots and shots

Captain Ray looks quite the same

He’s left behind his Zimmer frame


Two crew from the family Bell

Father, son but who can tell

In the river we’ll first send

Cause that’s where we’ll see one Bell end


Our younger team is one to fear

Rough and tough in designer gear

They will holler and they will shout

They think they know what it’s all about


On the beach before leaving:

Now it’s time for us to go

Jump in our boats off we row

We’ll go near and we’ll go far

As long as we can find a bar


Written by Leigh Extence