Fund Raising


Founded in 1817, Shaldon Regatta is the oldest event of its kind held in Britain today.  The programme may have changed over the years, but the principles behind the events have not changed.

It is the aim of the Regatta to encourage the people of all ages to use the river and foreshore safely by combining a balance of 'deadly serious' races and fun events which are enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike.

Unfortunately, it is expensive to put on the week's events.  Equipment has to be purchased and maintained, prizes have to be allocated to the winners (and sometimes the losers), for more than 100 events.  One way in which you can help us is to become a patron of Shaldon Regatta.


Grand Draw for a Regatta Dinghy or £750
Tickets are on sale in the village and on the beach throughout Regatta.






Buy a Duck for our Great Duck Race
Find the "Duck Man" to Buy a Duck or he'll find you.


Please put some money in a collection bucket

Become a patron of Shaldon Regatta

If you download and complete the Bankers Order Form and hand it to any member of the Committee, or a person selling Regatta Draw Tickets, or Shaldon Newsagents, or to the National Westminster Bank, Exeter University Branch, you will be recognised as an official patron of the Regatta.

Sign now; pay later.  We do not want any money now.  We will present your Bankers Order and in September of each year your Bank will automatically debit your account and send us your donation.  Should you decide to stop donating to the Regatta, you may ask your Bank Manager to cancel the order at any time.  Existing patrons who wish to increase their standing order are invited to complete the order again which will automatically cancel any previous order.

Please download the Bankers Order Form here.

Thank you for your support.