Shaldon Regatta Association ( 1151990)

Founded in 1817

We've just celebrated the 200th Anniversary of Shaldon Regatta Association, which, having been started in 1817, is one the oldest of its kind in Britain. It is known that a rowing race was held between Teignmouth and Shaldon in 1773 so could be said to be even older! 

200 years ago it was a one-day meeting, being reported as 'This pretty little aquatic meeting'. In 1892 the fun lasted over two days as more events were introduced. Both wars saw the postponement of the regatta. It was after the Second  World War that swimming was introduced. By 1954 the regatta had stretched to three days and by 1971 it had grown to something like we experience today with the introduction of the marathon row from Dawlish to Shaldon.

With the increase in popularity there was a need to provide boats to enable people who didn't have their own boats to participate. Charles Hulbert, the Chairman of the Shaldon Regatta Committee at the time, started a project to build a standard regatta boat. There are now hundreds of these boats in existence and races in the regatta are now restricted to this type of boat rowed with wooden oars.

We are delighted to have been awarded Lottery Funding which enabled us to purchase eight fully equipped Regatta rowing dinghies and a seine boat.  The dinghies are allocated on a 'first come, first served basis', with priority given to those without their own dinghy to encourage all comers to take part in as many events as possible.  As usual, we have our six Otter sailing dinghies available for the Otter races.

The CHARLES HULBERT TROPHY, CLEARANCE CUP and DE VEY JUBILEE TROPHY are awarded to the young persons of either sex in different age groups who, in the opinion of the Committee, have put up the best overall performances throughout the Regatta.

We have over 120 events, many of which are on the beach so those of you who don't get into boats can still take part. The Regatta IS FOR EVERYONE. All events are for all abilities and if you are not sure what it's all about ask one of the friendly committee members at the committee stand or talk to one of the CREW (it's on their shirts) on the beach. We will give you every help and encouragement to take part. Don't forget equipment is provided for many events.

Shaldon Regatta takes SAFETY on the water very seriously, and we expect every competitor to make safety their number one priority.  Our aim is to encourage people of all ages to use and enjoy the river and the sea SAFELY and we hope that we achieve this aim with a reasonable balance between deadly serious and the numerous fun events, so that spectators and competitors alike may enjoy the Regatta to the full.